When will my order ship?

It really depends! No later than a week after your initial order date, but it depends on the influx of orders at a given time - currently, Ramen Needles, LLC is a one-person operation, so please be patient with me! 

Could my yarn look different from the photo I saw?

Yes & no - that's the beauty of hand dyed yarn! We follow tried and true recipes each time, but small batch dyeing can have varied results. Computer monitors and phone screens may also effect the the colorways. Please order as much yarn as you need to ensure that we can match the skeins in the order as best we can. 

What kinds of yarn do you stock?

We currently stock protein fibers that are ethically sourced. We currently have two bases and are working at expanding our options. Each colorway has the information of the bases we carry. 

The yarn I want is out of stock! 

Sorry, friend! If it's not labeled as limited edition, it will be back in stock as soon as I can get it back in stock. If the demand outpaces my ability to keep it in stock, I may offer yarns as dyed-to-order. There will be a bit of a turnaround time, but you will be able to guarantee that you can get your yarn. 

I don't live in the US - can I get your yarn?

Currently, shipping is offered to the UK and the USA. Email me at kelley@ramenneedles.com if you'd like to order outside the US and we can probably figure something out! 

I want to stock your yarn in my shop! 

Oh wow! How flattering!! Email me at kelley@ramenneedles.com and let's chat! 

Can my yarn be caked?

We do not cake or ball yarn. If you need some help figuring out how to do that on your own, check out these videos. 

How to wind yarn with a Ball Winder & Swift
How to wind yarn without a winder or swift

Returns and Exchanges

Ramen Needles, LLC does not accept returns. If you are not happy with your purchase, please contact the shop at kelley@ramenneedles.com.