Hello! I'm Kelley, a crocheter, knitter, spinner, dyer, and general crafter from Columbus, Ohio. I've been crocheting for over 10 years now, and have gotten into spinning and knitting within the last year. I figured I'd try my hand at dyeing and well, here we are! 

My inspirations for yarns are largely from my state of residence - my chosen home. I'm originally from the South - which sounds vague, but at one point I had a Georgia phone number, a Tennessee license plate, and a South Carolina ID. I just claim all of the South, really. I moved to Ohio in 2014 and immediately realized two things: Ohio is not like the South (except when it is) and Ohio is WEIRD. I don't mean in the craft-brewery-on-every-corner-Keep-Austin/Portland/Asheville-Weird bullshit kind of way. I mean Grandpa's-Cheese-Barn-Hell-is-REAL-Lucky-Cat-Museum-Absolute-Nonsense weird. Weird as in Ohio has always been weird and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it...

And I love it. Well, usually.

You see, my other inspiration is generally related to politics - my day job is with a non profit that organizes around reproductive rights in Ohio, and as you might imagine from the past few years, it's... a bit of an uphill battle. You could say that I won't ever be without inspiration.

My goal with Ramen Needles, LLC is to make people laugh - maybe to to inspire a visit here, or to pick up a souvenir to remember us by! Ultimately, it's a love letter to this weird damn state.