Clinic Escort Sock Grid

Clinic Escort Sock Grid

Clinic Escort Grid
It's only taken me two months, but I finally finished my Clinic Vest Project inspired socks. It's not a pattern so much as a grid - the hearts above are meant to go next to the T so it loops around and makes it easier to do the colorwork with floats. 
My socks were 72 inches around, cuff down, with a rounded heel and a kitchener stitch toe. So long as you have 72 inches on your needles, the above grid...

Louise's Hat (Bob's Burger)

So, I'm a big fan of Bob's Burgers, which is a show on Fox that stars a man named Bob who owns a burger restaurant and his family. His daughter, Louise, always wear a pink bunny eared hat. There's actually an episode revolving around Louise having a bully who steals her hat and how she fights to get it back. She's somewhat terrifying.

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Chevron laptop cover

This is how mine turned out. It looks pretty good and fits my 14in ultrabook with a little wiggle room. It could probably fit a 15in laptop without any problems. I may line it with fabric to make it sturdier in the future but as it stands, this looks and works pretty good for now.


Finn's Hat - Ereader cover

The other day, I decided I wanted to make a cover for my nook that didn't have to come completely off while I was reading, so I made one like this. It's modeled after Finn's hat from Adventure Time. 

Cat Hat

Cat Hat!